Nagad Fee Calculator (Cash Out + All types of transactions)

Tool Updated: 16-04-2023 04:46:51 pm

With the Nagad Fee Calculator, you can quickly calculate the cost of any transaction and make sure you get the lowest rate. Try this easy-to-use tool today to know the fees of Nagad transactions quickly and accurately and save the unexpected extra cost.

Nagad Fees Calculator




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Nagad Fee Calculator

Nagad is a digital financial service platform that offers a range of financial services, including payments, remittance, savings, and credit services. It is a joint venture between Bangladesh Post Office and bKash, a leading mobile financial service provider in Bangladesh. Nagad charges fees for certain types of transactions, including cash out, send money, Nagad to bank transactions. It is not easy to calculate Nagad fees easily. But now you can easily calculate the fee for any transaction on Nagad by using this Nagad Fee Calculator.

Why Nagad fee calculator is very important

Nagad Fee Calculator is a very important tool for Nagad users. It helps to calculate the fee for any Nagad transactions in a matter of seconds and saves time and money.

With this calculator, users can accurately calculate the exact amount they will be charged for any Nagad transactions. This helps to avoid any hidden or unexpected fees. This tool helps you to get a better understanding of the fees that you need to pay and also helps you to make an informed decision on the amount of fees that you are willing to pay for any transactions.

Nagad fee Structure

Send Money

Transaction Medium  Fees
App 5 BDT
USSD / *167# Free

Cash Out

Account Type Transaction Medium Fees
General App 1.149% / 11.49 BDT BDT per thousand
General USSD (*247#) 1.5% / 15 BDT per thousand
Islamic App 1.5% / 15 BDT per thousand
Islamic USSD (*247#) 1.5% / 15 BDT per thousand

How to calculate Nagad fees (All types of transactions fee)

Step 1: Enter your transaction amount

Step 2: Select your Nagad Transaction Type

Step 3: Scroll down and you will see your fees with the fees structure based on your amount and the amount that you will receive.