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Tool Updated: 16-06-2022 01:05:13 pm
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Hex to RGB Color Converter allows you to convert a Hex value to its RGB equivalent and RGB to Hex color code. Use the color picker to select a color and see the conversion below easily. The converter accepts both HTML and RGB color codes.
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Hex to RGB Color Converter

When you're designing something—be it a website, graphic, or piece of code—you need to know what color to use. One of the many tools that help you out with this is the Colour Converter, which allows you to enter a hex value and get the RGB.

Why HEX TO RGB Color Converter

Many designers (and non-designers) work with color in the digital space. And while Photoshop is a great tool for this, it's not the only tool. In fact, a lot of designers use their code editor to do all of their color editing—whether it's a CCS file or a snippet of HTML/CSS.

We thought it would be useful to create a webpage that makes this task easier. It's a simple little tool that you can add to your browser and access anytime you need to convert a hex color to RGB.

How to convert hex to RGB?

If you are like many of us, you need to have a color you saw somewhere and you want to make sure you can get it on your computer, phone, or other devices. In many cases, the color you want is a hexadecimal color, typically written as #ffffff.

If you use hex colors in your design projects, you know it can be a pain to convert those 6-digit numbers to RGB.

You can use our converter tool to get the RGB values for your website or to help you create a palette for your next project.

Color Color Name Hex Color Rgb Color
Black #000000 rgb(0,0,0)
White #FFFFFF rgb(255,255,255)
Red #FF0000 rgb(255,0,0)
Lime #00FF00 rgb(0,255,0)
Blue #0000FF rgb(0,0,255)
Yellow #FFFF00 rgb(255,255,0)
Cyan / Aqua #00FFFF rgb(0,255,255)
Magenta / Fuchsia #FF00FF rgb(255,0,255)
Silver #C0C0C0 rgb(192,192,192)
Gray #808080 rgb(128,128,128)
Maroon #800000 rgb(128,0,0)
Olive #808000 rgb(128,128,0)
Green #008000 rgb(0,128,0)
Purple #800080 rgb(128,0,128)
Teal #008080 rgb(0,128,128)
Navy #000080 rgb(0,0,128)