AdSense, AdMob Appeal Answer Generator 2023

Tool Updated: 25-08-2023 10:35:40 pm

Do you struggle with AdSense or AdMob appeals related to invalid traffic and Suspicious Click Activity? If yes, then you need the Newisty AdSense, AdMob Appeal Answer Generator.

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AdSense and AdMob policy violation and appeal

AdSense and AdMob are one of the most popular ad networks by Google for publishers' websites, YouTube channels, and apps. To get the approval of Google AdSense or AdMob and show ads on the publisher's websites, YouTube channels, and Apps there are some rules, policies, and terms. After approval, when a publisher violates these policies and terms, is called AdSense/AdMob policy violation. After detecting policy violations by Google, ads will stop showing on your website, app, or YouTube channel. To re-enable, you may need to appeal to Google.

AdSense and AdMob policy violation 

Basically there are two types of policy violation, 1. Invalid Traffic and 2. Suspicious Click Activity

Invalid Traffic: Invalid Traffic is a term when a publisher sends unreal traffic, visitor, user, or bot to his websites, YouTube channels, and apps or gets unusual traffic from unusual sources to his other websites, YouTube channels, and apps and is detected by Google. Now it could be intentional or unintentional, or unknowing. This type of traffic can artificially inflate an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. Invalid traffic can also cause problems for Google's advertising system, including decreased ad quality and trust in the system overall.

Suspicious Click Activity: Suspicious Click Activity is a term when a publisher clicks on his own websites, YouTube channels, and App’s ads or, a visitor, a user, clicks on ads that are unusual and detected by Google. Now it could be intentional or unintentional, or unknowing. Invalid clicks can inflate an advertiser's costs and lower the quality of their ad campaigns. Google works to identify and filter invalid clicks to protect advertisers from click fraud.

Why AdSense & AdMob Appeal answer generator tool

Intentional or unintentional, or unknowingly, you may be caught by google for invalid traffic or suspicious click activity terms. That time, you may need to appeal the issue to Google AdSense or AdMob to resolve.

Meanwhile Google will ask some questions about these policy violations. Sometimes it could be tough to answer easily and fast.

To solve this problem easily this tool will help to answer all of the questions on google. By selecting and providing small answers about your policy violation and your app, website, and youtube channel, this tool will generate all of your answers easily, shortly, and fast. And generated answers are very efficient and smart.