About Me

Who I am

Hi, this is Yasir Arafat, a person, owner and developer. Behind this web-tool application who is rubbing his ass on chair for this site. That's all about myself for today. cheeky

Why this project

This project had been started from some sub-modules of my another CMS project. Like all image-related tools (convert, compress, resize), SEO-related tools (slug generator) and many others were a part of my old projects. In 2021, I realize that these functions/modules that I have created for my projects can be used as independent tool-based websites for users to make processes easy to easier. From that realization, I had started this project. smiley

What I do.

As a developer and owner of this web-based tool site, I have so many responsibilities to do. So there are many tasks that I do for this web-based tool website to improve. 

  • Designing user interfaces (UI) and navigation menus

  • Handling front-end to back-end.

  • Writing, optimizing and reviewing codes,

  • Integrating new features and modules in this project.

  • Testing web tools and publishing.

  • Troubleshooting bugs, problems with performance or user experience

  • Writing Content

  • And many more cool

Why You Should use My Tools surprise

There are many websites and tools available over the internet that you can use. What makes my tools unique than others? I am offering you one of the best box of tools to use. My tools are very simple to use, super fast, secure, reliable and absolutely free to use for all and literally from every point..

Future Features indecision

 Leave this question for the future blush. Let's explore what's new for today. laugh

Thankful To heart

I am thankful to my friend Sabbir Ahmed, who helped me a lot by selecting the website name and working on this site to improve.

And also, I am thankful to my visitor who report about wrong info or bug to improve tools.