WAEC CASS Photo Resizer, Converter Compressor

Tool Updated: 08-01-2023 09:09:23 am
Using this free tool, resize your photo to 275x314 pixels, compress file size between 8KB-15KB, and convert to jpeg format without using any app or software, according to WAEC CASS photo guidelines on any mobile or computer.
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Free WAEC CASS Photo Resizer, Compressor and Converter

WAEC CASS Photo Resizer, Compressor, and Converter is a free tool where you can easily resize your photo to 275x314 pixels, compress file size between 8KB-15KB, and convert to jpeg format for WAEC CASS. This tool will resize, compress/reduce the size, and convert your photo for WAEC CASS according to WAEC CASS Photo guidelines and instructions.

Even you do not need to download or install any app or software. This tool is supported by every mobile, computer, operating system, and browser for free. No uses limit.

How to resize photo/image for WAEC CASS registration

Browse this tool from here

If you do not want to edit your photo (No crop, flip, zoom, rotate, move) then click Only Resize, Convert & Compress option.

Upload your photo

Then click Crop, Zoom, Rotate, Flip, Move button to edit (crop, flip, zoom, rotate, move) your photo or click Next. Resize, Convert and Compress to button to Resize, Convert & Compress.

Then click to download button to save the processed image 

WAEC CASS Photo dimensions, size and format

WAEC CASS Photo dimensions are 240x280 pixels, file size should be between 5KB-25KB and JPEG format


What are the WAEC CASS photo dimensions?

WAEC CASS photo dimensions should be 275x314 pixels.

What is the file size of WAEC CASS photo?

WAEC CASS photo size should be be between 5KB-15KB.

What is the photo format for WAEC CASS?

WAEC CASS photo format is JPEG.