CKRUET Admission Photo and Signature Resizer, Converter and Compressor

Tool Updated: 26-04-2023 11:48:18 pm

Isn't resizing, converting and compressing photo and signature manually for CKRUET Admission Test difficult and time consuming with the risk of invalid photo size, dimensions and format?
Don't worry, we have a solution. Let us handle the resizing, converting, and compressing of your CKRUET Admission photo and signature according to the CKRUET guidelines, guaranteeing error-free results. Just select your document type and upload. And then let us do the rest.

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CKRUET Admission Photo Resizer, Converter, Compressor

CKRUET Admission Photo Resizer, Converter, Compressor is a photo editing tool where you can resize your photo (300px width x 350px height), compress your photo size within 75KB and convert your photo in jpeg format (or you can select jpg).

CKRUET Admission Signature Resizer, Converter, Compressor

CKRUET Admission Signature Resizer, Converter, Compressor is a signature editing tool where you can resize your signature (300px width x 80px height), compress your signature size within 20KB and convert your signature in jpeg format (or you can select jpg).

What is CKRUET

CKRUET  stands for "Chittagong Khulna Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology" in Bangladesh. It offers Combined Admission Test of CUET, KUET and RUET. Using CKRUET, CUET, KUET and RUET admission applicants can apply easily for Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology, Khulna University of Engineering and Technology and also for Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology. From one portal 3 different University of Engineering and Technology online admission application.                


Error in CKRUET Admission Test Photo Uploading

Are you having trouble uploading your photo or signature to the CKRUET Admission online application portal? Look no further! We are here to provide you with the necessary support and help to quickly upload your image. All you have to do is select the type of image required for your exam, upload it and we will take care of the rest. We will make sure your image is in the right format and size for the upload. With our assistance, you can upload your image without any errors in no time! So don't worry and let us help you out with the process.

You can use this tool by using mobile or computer.

CKRUET Admission Test Photo and Signature Size, Dimensions and Format

 CKRUET Admission Test Photo and Signature Size, Dimensions and Format

CKRUET Admission Photo dimensions are 300px width x 350px height, filesize should be within 75KB and jpeg (or jpg) format.

CKRUET Admission Photo size, dimensions and format 2023
Photo dimensions 300x350px
Photo Filesize Maximum 75KB
Photo Format JPG/JPEG

CKRUET Admission Signature dimensions are 300px width x 80px height, filesize should be within 20KB and jpeg (jpg for PG) format.

CKRUET Admission Signature size, dimensions and format 2023
Signature dimensions 300x80px
Signature Filesize Maximum 20KB
Signature Format JPG/JPEG