BPSC Signature Resizer, Converter and Compressor

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Tired of struggling with your BPSC signature? Our BPSC Signature Resizer, Converter, and Compressor tool is here to help! With just a few clicks, you can easily resize your signature to the correct dimensions of 300 x 80 pixels, compress the size to less than 60 KB, and convert the file format to JPG. Say goodbye to the frustration and hello to a stress-free application process. Try our tool today and take the first step towards a successful career in the public service!

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⚠ If you are from India and looking for BPSC (Bihar PSC / Bihar Public Service Commission) Photo and Signature Resizer, Converter and Compressor tool? then use this tool Bihar PSC (BPSC-India) Photo and Signature Resizer, Compressor and Converter
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BPSC Photo/Image Resize. Image Height and Width Validator

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BPSC Signature Resizer, Converter and Compressor

Introducing the BPSC Photo Resizer, Converter, and Compressor – a user-friendly tool tailored for Bangladesh Public Service Commission applicants. Easily resize your signature to the perfect 300x80 px dimensions, compressing it to a sleek, under 60 KB in JPG format. This online gem streamlines the application process, ensuring your documents meet BPSC requirements effortlessly. Because in the race for success, every pixel matters. Trust the BPSC Signature Resizer – where simplicity meets perfection. Your gateway to a seamless application experience. Size may be a number, but success has its own dimensions! 

BPSC Signature Dimensions, Size and Format

BPSC Signature Dimension: 300 x 80 px

BPSC Signature Size: Less than 60KB

BPSC Signature format/extension: in JPG (.jpg extension) format.

BPSC Signature Instruction

By using a modern digital camera, or even a phone with a built-in camera, it is easy to create a very large file. But large image files can take a long time to upload and use a lot of storage space, so we have limited the upload size to 60 KB.

~ BPSC Authority 

If your image filesize is bigger than 60KB then you can easily make it smaller (300x80px, less than 60KB) with this BPSC Signature Resizer tool. 

~ Newisty Authority 

BPSC Signature Guidelines

  • The applicant has to sign on white paper with a Black Ink pen.
  • The signature must be signed only by the applicant and not by any other person. The signature on the 'admit' card will be matched against the signature in the attendance sheet whenever necessary.
  • Signature dimensions are 300 X 80 pixels (Width X Height). Ensure that the file size of the scanned image is not more than 60 KB.
  • You can resize photo/signature dimensions and file size by using a Photo/Signature Resizer.
  • You can check photo/signature dimensions and file size by using a Photo/Signature Validator.

How to Resize, Convert and Compress BPSC Signature

As per BPSC guidelines using Newisty BPSC Signature Resizer tool, Resizing, Converting and Compress BPSC Signature is now very easy like 123. Let's see how

  • Upload your Signature
  • Edit your signature cropping, zoom-in/out if needed or Select Only Resize, Convert & Compress. No Edit option if do not need to edit.
  • Then Click Resize, Convert and Compress button

Hurray, your BPSC signature fully is ready as per BPSC signature guidelines.


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