Dhaka University (DU) Admission Photo Resizer, Converter and Compressor

Tool Updated: 25-04-2023 04:45:53 pm
Dhaka University (DU) Admission Photo Converter, Resizer, Compressor is a free tool to resize, compress and convert images for Dhaka University (DU) Admission Online Application according to Dhaka University (DU) guidelines. Crop, rotate, flip, zoom Your Image to Remove unwanted parts from image.

Delhi University (DU) Admission Photo and Signature Size Editing, Converter, Resizer, Compressor Online

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Dhaka University (DU) Admission Photo Resizer, Converter, Compressor

Dhaka University (DU) Admission Photo and Signature Resizer, Converter, Compressor is a tool where you can resize your photo (360-540px width and 540-720px height), compress your photo size within 30-200KB and convert your photo jpeg format (or you can select jpg).

Error in Dhaka University (DU) Admission Test Photo Uploading

Don't worry if you're getting errors when uploading your photo or signature to the Dhaka University (DU) Admission online application portal. We can help you solve this problem! Just select the type of image you need for your exam, upload it, and we'll take care of the rest - converting, compressing, and resizing it to the required format and size. Your image will be ready to upload without any errors in no time!

You can use this tool by using mobile or computer.

Dhaka University (DU) Admission Test Photo Size, Dimensions and Format

Dhaka University (DU) Admission Photo dimensions are 360-540px width x 540-720px height, filesize should be between 30-200KB and jpg or jpeg format.

Dhaka University DU Admission Test Photo Size Dimensions and Format

Exam Name Type of Document Image Height Image Width Minimum Size  Maximum Size
Dhaka University (DU) Admission Test Photo 540-720px 360-540 30KB 200KB
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