UKPSC Photo and Signature Resizer, Converter and Compressor

Tool Updated: 08-04-2024 06:00:29 am

Newisty UKPSC Photo and Signature Resizer, Converter and Compressor will resize photo to 150x200px and signature to 150x100px as per UKPSC guidelines. This will convert your photo and signature to jpeg format. Also compress your photo to 50KB and signature to 30KB.

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UKPSC Photo and Signature Resizer, Converter and Compressor

Are you struggling to resize and compress your UKPSC photo and signature for online applications? Our UKPSC Photo and Signature Resizer, Converter, and Compressor tool is here to make the process a breeze.

UKPSC Exam Photo and Signature

Our tool simplifies the process of resizing, converting, and compressing your UKPSC photo and signature. We ensure that all resizing, converting, and compressing are done according to the strict guidelines set by UKPSC. Whether you need to reduce file size, crop, or convert your images, our tool has got you covered.

How Does It Work?

Just drag and drop your photo or signature into the editor, and let us take care of the rest. Our tool will automatically adjust your images to meet the required UKPSC guidelines, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Why Choose Us?

  • Convenience: Easily resize and compress your images with just a few clicks.
  • Accuracy: Our tool ensures that your images meet the precise dimensions and file sizes required by UKPSC.
  • Ease of Use: No technical expertise required – simply upload your images and let our tool do the work for you.

Error in UKPSC Photo and Signature Uploading

Encountering errors when uploading your photo or signature to the UKPSC online application form? Don't worry – we've got you covered. Our tool can help you overcome issues like invalid dimensions or file sizes, ensuring smooth and error-free submissions. Just Select Your Dream exam's image type, we will set your targeted image dimension, Upload Your Image, Boooom!! Your Image is ready to upload without any error.

Instructions for UKPSC Photograph and signature

Before filling up the application form, the candidate should have a scanned image of his/her photograph and signature. These scanned images are to be uploaded during the submission of application form. The photograph should be in colour or b/w (but clear contrast) with name of the candidate and date of taking the photograph printed on it. It should be without cap or goggles. Spectacles are allowed, polaroid photos are not acceptable.

To be uploaded during the submission of UKPSC online application form

Photograph 50KB in size and 150x200px in dimension should have the name of the candidate and the date on which the photograph is taken printed on it.
Signature of the candidate shall be scanned 30KB in size and 150x100px in dimension separately and uploaded here.

You can use this tool by using mobile or computer.

UKPSC Photo and Signature Size

Exam Name Type of Document Image Height Image Width Minimum Size  Maximum Size
UKPSC Online Photo 200px 150px  20KB 50KB
Signature 100px 150px 10KB 30KB

UKPSC Photo dimensions, size and format

  • UKPSC Photo Dimension are 150x200px (width x height)
  • UKPSC Photo Format is JPG
  • UKPSC Photo size is 20-50KB

UKPSC Signature dimensions, size and format

  • UKPSC Signature Dimension are 150x100px (width x height)
  • UKPSC Signature Format is JPG
  • UKPSC Signature size is 30KB

UKPSC Frequently Asked Question's and Short Informations

What is the Photo and Signature size of UKPSC 2024?

UKPSC Photo size 150x200px and Signature size 150x100px - [Width x Height].

What is UKPSC Photo size?

UKPSC Photo size is 150x200px - Width x Height.

What is UKPSC Signature size?

UKPSC Signature size is 150x100px - Width x Height.

What is UKPSC Photo file-size?

UKPSC Photo file-size is 20KB - 50KB.

What is UKPSC Signature file-size?

UKPSC Signature file-size is 10KB - 30KB.

What are the acceptable Photo & Signature formats in UKPSC?

UKPSC Photo & Signature should be in .jpg or .JPEG format.