Image Cropper and Resizer

Tool Updated: 15-11-2022 08:09:15 am
Crop your image easily and smoothly. Crop images and remove unwanted parts from image, zoom in-out, rotate left-right, filp horizontal-vertical, move your image up-down, left-right and many more.
After Cropping, Resize your images here
HQ Image Resize, Convert and Compress OR Image Processing Tools List

Crop your images by using online photoshop easily and free. With Image Cropper and Resizer, you can crop images to remove unwanted parts and zoom in-out to get the perfect shot.

You can also rotate images left-right and flip them horizontally-vertical. Plus, you can adjust the image’s position and move your image up-down and left-right to get the perfect composition.

Table of Contents


How To Crop Image


1. Upload Image

2. Select Cropped Area

3. Use Tool Buttons

4. After Zoom In or Out

After using zoom buttons 

S. Raji
Yasir Arafat Newisty Author
28-04-2022 04:11:15 pm
Hello S. Raji, thank you for comment.

For your kind information

  1. This is image cropper tool, here you can crop your image and remove unwanted parts from image. You can not add name and date here.
  2. To add name and date in your photo you can use this tool Add Name and Date In Photo Online for SSC, PSC, Railway Exam and all online form
  3. For TNPSC, TNPSC Photo and Signature Compressor, Resizer, Converter Online Editor