YouTube Timestamp Link Generator

Tool Updated: 11-11-2022 03:04:43 am

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Paste the youtube video URL, select the timestamp, generate a YouTube Video link, and watch the YouTube video from a specific timestamp as you wish without clicking or forwarding the video.
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Youtube Timestamp Link Generator

YouTube timestamp link generator is free YouTube videos start and end time link generator tool to create videos URL to watch videos from a specific time duration. Generated URLs will save you time and makes easy to watch a YouTube video from the selected timestamp as you wish without clicking and forwarding the video.

How Youtube Timestamp Link Generator Works

By default, your youtube video starts from the beginning of the video or where you stopped watching. But when you browse a Youtube video URL with a specific timestamp, your video will start from that specific timestamp which time you had included in your youtube video URL.

Why Youtube Timestamp Link Generator

If you want to watch a youtube video from a specific time or share a video so that people start watching the video from your selected timeframe, then you should use this Youtube Timestamp Link Generator tool. Because, it will help to create a video URL to start a video from your selected timestamp easily and automatically. It will save your time.

How to Generate Youtube Timestamp (Start and End time)

 Link on any device, OS and browser

  1. Paste your YouTube video URL by pasting button
  2. Select Video's Staring Time
  3. Select Video's Ending Time (It will work on embed videos link)
  4. Click Generate YouTube Timestamp Link

How to Generate YouTube Timestamp Link in Mobile

  1. Open YouTube Video and click Share Button  

  2. From Share Dialog box click the Copy button 

  3. After copying YouTube Video URL go to

  4. Paste your YouTube video URL manually or use paste button

  5. Set Your starting Time

  6. Click Generate YouTube Timestamp Link Button

How to Generate YouTube Timestamp Link in Desktop

  1. Open the YouTube video and click the Share Button  

  2. Click Start At and Select your starting timestamp 

  3. And Click the Copy button  

  4. You timestamp URL will be copied.