FPSC, PPSC Image Resizer, Compressor (Reduce Size)

Tool Updated: 05-10-2022 02:25:48 am

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Resize and compress images for FPSC, PPSC exam online application form. Using this tool you can reduce your FPSC, PPSC images to 20KB - 30KB and also your image will be resized automatically.
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In FPSCC or PPSC online application many applicant face problems in the image uploading section. Sometimes because of image size (Not More than 20KB-30KB) or sometimes image dimension (pixels). To Avoid these problems use Newisty FPSC, PPSC Image Resizer, Compressor tool.

How to resize and reduce FPSC and PPSC image size between 20KB-30KB:

  • (Optional) Select Format Type of Convert Image 
  • (Optional) Select Image Quality (Good Image Quality  more size / px lose [resize]) 
  • Select Your compressed image size according to your need 
  • (Optional) Select how many times the system will try to compress your image for your desired size. 

Resize and Reduce (Compress) image size for PUNJAB PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (PPSC) or Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).