FPSC, PPSC Image Resizer, Compressor and Converter (Reduce Size)

Tool Updated: 07-02-2023 10:08:52 pm

Using this tool you can compress and reduce your FPSC, PPSC images to 20KB - 30KB and also your image will be resized automatically.

Width * Height

In FPSC or PPSC online application many applicant face problems in the image uploading section. Sometimes because of image size (Not More than 20KB-30KB) or sometimes image dimension (pixels). To Avoid these problems use Newisty FPSC, PPSC Image Resizer, Compressor tool.

How to resize and reduce FPSC and PPSC image size between 20KB-30KB:

  • If you want Resize, Convert & Compress only. No Edit (crop, flip, zoom, rotate, move) then click on Only Resize, Convert & Compress. No Edit (crop, flip, zoom, rotate, move) option. 
  • Upload your photo 
  • Click Download button to save the image on your device 

Resize and Reduce (Compress) image size for PUNJAB PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (PPSC) or Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).