Password Hash Generator

Tool Updated: 28-11-2022 11:24:22 pm
The Password Hash Generator will allow you to generate hashes for a variety of different algorithms. Password Hash Generator will convert your plain text into 15 hashes. Supported hashes are MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512/224, SHA512/256, SHA512, SHA3-224, SHA3-256, SHA3-384, SHA3-512, RIPEMD128 hash.

What is password

Password or pass-code is one kind of secret data, that contains alphabets, numbers, special characters, etc and it is used to verify a user's valid identity.

What is Pin

The PIN is similar to a password, it is also secret data, but not like a password it does not contain the combination of alphabets, numbers, special characters, the only permissible characters are numeric, the combination of these secret numeric characters is sometimes called personal identification number (PIN).

What Is Password Hashing

Password hashing is a plain text encryption system and cryptographic process that converts passwords into an unreadable string of characters by using algorithms. Converted unreadable string of characters is designed to be impossible to convert back into plain text, and these unreadable strings characters are known as hashes.

Why Password Hash

There are a few reasons why we use password hashes as an output.

First, it is more secure than storing passwords in plain text. That's why the password hashing technique is used to protect passwords in a database. If someone were to gain access to the database, the hash of the password they enter, is compared to the hash stored in the database, and they would not be able to read the passwords without also having the hash for each password.

Second, password hashes can be verified easily. When someone logs in, the hash of the password they enter is generated and then compared to the hash that is stored in the database. This comparison can be done quickly and easily without requiring any special software.

How To Generate Password Hash

Paste your password or plain text and click on any hash button, below Hash Output you can see the generated hash, and you can copy generated hash by clicking the copy button