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RCSC Photo 3.5 cm * 4.5 cm px Resizer Online, Converter and Compressor Tool Free.

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RCSC Photo 3.5 cm * 4.5 cm Resizer Online, Converter and Compressor Tool Free.

Getting errors for photo or signature dimension or size in the RCSC (Royal Civil Service Commission) online application form. Don't Worry. We will help you to solve this problem. We will convert, compress and resize your photo/image and signature according to the required format and size (3.5 cm * 4.5 cm). Just Select Your Dream exam's image type, we will set your targeted image dimension, Upload Your Image, Boooom!! Your Image is ready to upload without any error.

Each of the scanned images of the photograph/signature should not exceed 40 KB in size (for photograph, the pixel size is 3.5 cm height x 4.5 cm width and for signature it should be 4.5 cm height x 3.5 cm width) and also to be ensured that the uploaded photograph/signature are proper.

You can use this tool by using mobile or computer.


RCSC Photo 4.5 cm height x 3.5 cm width


RCSC Photo Size
Exam Name Type of Document Image Height Image Width
RCSC Photo 4.5 cm 3.5 cm width

UPSC Photo and Signature Guidelines
The images of the signature and photograph must be in the .jpg format only.
The photo can be either in color or black & white. The quality must be good such that the image is identifiable with the candidate.
The signature that you scanned must be written with a black pen on white paper.
The scanned images of the photo and the signature should not exceed 300 KB in size and must not be less than 20KB.
Resolution for both photo and signature: 350 pixels (Width) X 350 pixels (Height) minimum, 1000 pixels (Width) X 1000 pixels (Height) maximum
If your scanned images are not of the correct size, you can convert them into the required size by using any free image editing software such as MSPaint or Irfanview. You can also convert the photo to the desired format (.jpg) using the above-mentioned software.
The images should not be hazy or illegible.
The photo file must not contain any marks. It must have only your photograph.
The signature must not contain anything else such as the date, etc.
Once you upload the photo and signature images, you can see the preview of the images. If you are satisfied with them you can click on ‘confirm upload’. If you are not satisfied, you should click on the ‘reload photograph’ or ‘reload signature’ button as the case may be.
This process can be repeated until you are satisfied with the images.
Once you click on ‘confirm upload’, you cannot change the images of either the photograph or the signature.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of the uploaded images, you can submit a fresh online application with fresh samples of your photo and signature. In this case, you will have to pay the prescribed fees once again.