PayPal Fee Calculator [With Custom Fee]

Tool Updated: 03-02-2023 11:11:04 pm
Paypal is one of the most popular online payment service providers that helps you to receive your payment internationally for business purposes from your customer. Using this free and simple tool you can calculate accurately how much fee will be deducted from your receiving amount as PayPal processing fee.

What is Paypal Fees calculator

Paypal Fees calculator is a lightweight and easy to use calculator tool that will help you find how much fee will be deducted from your amount as processing fee and how much amount you will get after deducting the fee easily and accurately. Using this tool you can calculate processing fee easily and accurately according to Paypal official fees table.

Why Newisty Paypal Fees calculator

Newisty Paypal Fees calculator is different and more advanced than other available Paypal Fees calculators online. In the Newisty Paypal Fees calculator, you can calculate properly as per Paypal official fees structure automatically, easily, and fast. Also using this tool you can calculate your custom fee using custom percentage and fixed fee.

PayPal processing fee and structure

For up to 3000$ PayPal will charge you 4.4% + 30¢, 3,000.1$-10,000$ PayPal will charge you 3.9% + 30¢, from 10,000.01$-100,000$ PayPal will charge you 3.7% + 30¢, and for the payment amount above 100,000.01 PayPal will charge you 3.4% + 30¢.

Payment Type Payment Fee
0-3,000 USD 4.4% + 30¢ (Fixed Fee)
3,000.1-10,000 USD 3.9% + 30¢ (Fixed Fee)
10,000.01-100,000 USD 3.7% + 30¢ (Fixed Fee)
100,000.01 - Above 3.4% + 30¢ (Fixed Fee)