Stripe Fees Calculator 2023

Tool Updated: 18-02-2023 08:37:54 pm

Stripe is one of the most popular, well known and renowned online payment services that helps you to receive your payment internationally for business purposes. Using this free and simple tool, you can calculate accurately how much fee will be deducted from your amount as Stripe processing fee.

What is Stripe Fee calculator

Stripe Fee calculator is a lightweight calculator tool that will find accurately and easily how much fee will be deducted from the payment amount as a processing fee and how much amount you will get after deducting the fee. Using this tool, you can calculate processing for Online payments (Cards + Digital Wallets) with Manually entered card fees, In-person payment through the Terminal, and Instant payouts according to Stripe 2023 official fees table.

Why Stripe Fee calculator is very important 

A Stripe fee calculator is a very important tool for merchants. Because it helps merchants to calculate the fees accurately for every transaction processed through Stripe's payment services. This can be helpful for merchants to understand the Stripe fee and make more accurate decisions about their item pricing and profitability. It also can help merchants to minimize their expenses and manage their finances more effectively.

Using a Stripe fee calculator can also help merchants to understand how different payment methods, such as credit card or ACH transfers, may affect the cost of processing transactions. This can be helpful when making decisions about which payment methods to accept and how to structure pricing for their goods or services.

Also, Stripe is a payment gateway that charges processing fees for each transaction and these fees can vary depending on payment methods. So merchants need to be aware of these fee structures and payment methods to make accurate pricing decisions and to not overprice or underprice their products. So, a Stripe fee calculator would be a valuable tool for these calculations.

Why Newisty Stripe Fee calculator

Because the Newisty Stripe Fee calculator is different and more advanced than other available Stripe Fee calculators online. The Newisty Stripe Fee calculator can calculate not only Online Payment but also Online Payment with Cards + Digital Wallets + Manually entered card fees, In-person payments through the Terminal, and Instant payouts, properly as per Stripe's official fee structure.

Stripe processing fee

As we all know String will take fixed $0.30 + 2.9% of your amount as processing fee for online payment and for In-person payments through Terminal Stripe will charge $0.05 + 2.7% of your amount as processing fee.

Stripe processing fee Structure

Payment Type Payment Fee
Online payments (Cards + Digital Wallets) 2.9% + 30¢ (+0.5% extra for manually entered cards)
In-person payments through Terminal 2.7% + 5¢
Bank debits and transfers (ACH Direct Debit) 0.8% ($5.00 cap )
Instant payouts 1% (Minimum 50¢)

How to Use Newisty Stripe Fee calculator

Step 1: Enter Your Amount

Step 2: Select your payment type

Step 3: Select Manually entered cards option if applicable 

  • Scroll down and You can see the fee.
  • In first block you can see the Stripe Fee amount, Receiver amount and amount for Sender
  • In 2nd block you can see the all fee structure in a good readable text line format for you, to understand the fee easily.
  • In 3rd block you can see all fee table that helps to calculate each and every details of your fee.