Upwork Fee Calculator

Tool Updated: 03-02-2023 11:44:46 pm

Upwork Is one of the most popular and renowned online marketplace for freelance service providers that helps you to sell your services and buy other services. If you are new to Upwork as a seller then this free and simple tool will help you to calculate accurately how much fee will be deducted from your service charge as Upwork fee.

Now Say goodbye to the hassleful manual calculation of UpWork fee. With the Newisty UpWork fee calculator you can quickly and easily calculate Upwork seller fees properly as per Upwork official fees structure in just one second and automatically - no hard work required. Let this tool do all the hard work while you relax knowing you're are doing this 100% accurate calculations.

What is Upwork Fees calculator

Upwork Fees calculator is a small and easy to use calculator tool that will help you find how much money will be deducted from your amount as Upwork fee. As a seller it’s important to know easily and accurately, how much amount you will receive after deducting the Upwork fee. Using this tool you can calculate Upwork fee easily and accurately according to Upwork fees rules.

Why Newisty Upwork Fees calculator

Newisty Upwork Fees calculator is different from others and more advanced than other available Upwork Fees calculators online.

As a new seller, if you don’t know the fees of Upwork, then the Newisty Upwork Fees calculator will calculate for you how much amount will be deducted as a Upwork fee.

For sellers, this tool will calculate and let you know how much money Upwork will take from your service as Upwork fee and how much you will get after deducting the fee. You can easily calculate Upwork seller fees properly as per Upwork official fees structure automatically and fast.

Upwork fee and structure

Upwork Seller Fees:

If you lifetime total earning from a client is $0-$500 then your Upwork service fee will be 20%, if the lifetime total earning become $500.01-$10,000 from a client then your service fee will be 10% and lifetime earning $10,001 or above from a client then the service fee will be 5%.

Total Earning From a client Upwork Service Fee percentage
$0-$500 20%
$500.01-$10,000 10%
$10,000.01 or above 5%