JPG to WEBP Image Converter, Compressor and Resizer

Tool Updated: 24-01-2023 06:39:24 pm
Convert JPG to WEBP quickly and easily with Newisty's JPG to WEBP image converter. Our converter will efficiently convert your JPG image to the WEBP file format with proper lossless compression. Furthermore, you can compress and resize your JPG and WEBP images using our JPG to WEBP image resizer, converter and compressor tool. Just drag and drop your image and start converting JPG to WEBP!

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JPG to WEBP image converter

Convert your JPG images to WEBP format in no time using Newisty's JPG to WEBP converter! Our converter offers lossless compression and is incredibly easy to use — just drag-and-drop your JPG images and the converter will quickly and efficiently convert them to WEBP format. Try out the Newisty JPG to WEBP converter toda

  • We offer unlimited and batch uploads
  • As well as automated and lossless image compression.
  • Our services guarantee that your images will be converted, resized, and compressed to your satisfaction without sacrificing quality.
  • Moreover, you don't need to submit your image or any other personal information
  • We convert, resize and compress images from image URL!
  • This tool allows you to not only convert, resize, and compress JPG and WEBP files, but also JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and JFIF formats.
  • Additionally, you can also alter the DPI value of your images.