Excel (XLS, XLSX) to HTML Converter

Tool Updated: 04-01-2023 07:50:38 pm
Using this tool you can easily convert your Excel (xls, xlsx) files to HTML table code in online free. No registration, no email and full free.

Excel to HTML Converter

Excel to HTML Converter is a free converter tool to convert your excel file (xls, xlsx) to HTML table code. This tool will help to convert your excel (xls, xlsx) file to an HTML table very easily and first. Using Newisty Excel to HTML Converter you can upload and convert multiple excel (xls, xlsx) files with multiple sheets to an HTML table. The conversion will be smooth, secure, and fast.

Why Excel to HTML Converter

An Excel (XLS, XLSX) to HTML converter is a tool that allows you to convert Excel spreadsheet files to HTML format. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a standard for creating web pages, and is widely supported by web browsers and other software. By converting Excel spreadsheets to HTML, you can make the data contained within them more easily viewable and shareable on the web.

If you have Excel spreadsheet files that you want to share on the web, an Excel (XLS, XLSX) to HTML converter can be a useful tool to have. It can help you make your Excel data more widely accessible and easier to view and share on the web.

How to convert Excel (xls, xlsx) to HTML Converter

Step 1: Select or drag and drop your excel files in xls, or xlsx format.
Step 2: Click ok if your first row is header otherwise click cancel.
Step 3: Within a moment your all excel files (xls, xlsx) will be converted into an HTML table according to file and sheet. Just click the copy button to copy the HTML table code.