Fiverr Fee Calculator for Buyer and Seller

Tool Updated: 20-06-2023 03:58:40 am

Are you tired of manually calculating fees on Fiverr? Do you need help calculating costs on Fiverr?

It can be especially tricky to calculate the fiverr fees if you're new to selling or buying on the platform. But don't fret! We have a solution just for you!

Introducing Newisty Fiverr Fee Calculator for Buyers and Sellers. This free and user-friendly tool will accurately calculate how much fee will be deducted from your gig amount. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual calculations, and let this calculator do the work for you. Enter your gig amount and get the accurate fee deduction instantly. It's that easy!

What is Fiverr Fee calculator

Fiverr Fees calculator is a lightweight and easy to use calculator tool that will help you find how much fee will be deducted from your amount as Fiverr fee. As a seller it’s important to know how much amount you will receive after deducting the fee and easily and accurately. Also As a buyer it’s important to know how much Fiverr feed you have to pay with gig service easily and accurately. Using this tool you can calculate Fiverr fees easily and accurately according to Fiverr fees rules.

Why Newisty Fiverr Fee calculator

Newisty Fiverr Fees calculator is different from others and more advanced than other available Fiverr Fees calculators online. As a new buyer or seller if you don’t know the fees of Fiverr, then the Newisty Fiverr Fees calculator will calculate for you how much amount will be deducted as a Fiverr fee.

For sellers, this tool will calculate how much money will Fiverr take from your service as Fiverr fee and how much you will get after deducting the fee. Also for buyers, this calculator will calculate and let you know how much service charge you have to pay to Fiverr as Fiverr service fee with your Gig’s seller service.

You can easily calculate Fiverr buyer and seller fees properly as per Fiverr official fees structure automatically and fast.

Fiverr processing fee and structure

Fiverr user type

Fiverr Fee



5.5% (If the buying amount is under $50, then extra $2 small order fee will be applied)

Fiverr Seller Fee:

From March 2021, Fiverr will take 20% of Seller Gig service after successful order complication.

Fiverr Buyer Fee:

As of March 2021, Fiverr will take 5.5% of the purchase amount ( after successful order complication. If the purchase amount is under $50 then extra $2 small order fee will be applied.

Why Fiverr Fee Calculator is very important for Buyer and Seller

Newisty Fiverr fee calculator is an essential tool for both buyers and sellers. Because it helps them to estimate the Fiverr buying or selling services fees, buyers can help them to understand the total cost of service accordingly, and also help them to make more informed decisions about which service purchasing is more beneficial. For sellers, the Fiverr fee calculator tool can help them understand the selling their services fee and determine their earnings correctly. This calculator can also help them make decisions about the pricing and profitability of their services to maximize profit.

For sellers, Fiverr takes a percentage of their earnings as a commission fee. Knowing how this fee affects the prices they charge buyers and their payments helps them decide how they price their services.

For buyers, Fiverr also charges a small service fee, So the buyers can use the calculator to see the final cost of their purchase, including the service fee.

If you're a buyer or a seller, the Fiverr fee calculator is super important. Newisty Fiverr fee calculator makes it simpler to plan ahead and make wise decisions by assisting you in understanding the costs you will be paid on Fiverr. With the Newisty Fiverr fee calculator, you'll know exactly what to expect and be able to make informed decisions confidently.

How to calculate Fiverr Fee

  • Enter your amount
  • Select your user type (buyer or seller)
  • You will see the accurate calcualted fee of Fiverr.

Fiverr Fees Related FAQ

How much does fiverr charge for buyers?

Fiverr will take 5.5% of the purchase amount ( after successful order complication. If the purchase amount is under $50 then extra $2 small order fee will be applied.. 

How much does fiverr charge for sellers?

Fiverr will take 20% of the gig amount.