Rocket Charge Calculator (Cash Out + All types of transactions)

Tool Updated: 03-09-2023 05:34:37 am

Rocket Charge Calculator is a great tool to calculate your Charge in a fast and convenient way. It provides accurate calculations associated with various Rocket services. This Charge calculator can quickly and easily calculate Charges for all types of transactions without any hassle. Try Rocket Charge Calculator today to save time and calculate your Charges with ease

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Rocket Charge Calculator

Dutch-Bangla Bank Rocket is an innovative and secure mobile financial service from Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL). It provides secure and convenient financial services such as mobile banking, bill payments, money transfers, and much more right at your fingertips. Rocket charges Charges for certain types of transactions, including cash out, send money, and Rocket to bank transactions based on account types. It is not easy to calculate Rocket Charges easily for General Accounts or Stipend / Salary Accounts. But now you can easily calculate the Charge for any transaction and any account type on Rocket by using this Rocket Charge Calculator.

Why Rocket Charge calculator is very important

Rocket Charge Calculator is an essential tool for Rocket users. Because it is an easy-to-use tool to calculate the Charges associated with various types of Rocket transactions. It helps users quickly calculate the costs and make informed decisions on payments. It is designed to be simple and efficient, so users can quickly and easily evaluate their Charges in a matter of seconds, and saves time and money.

Overall, this calculator helps users to precisely calculate the amount they will be billed for any Rocket transactions.

Rocket Charge Structure

Cash In

Cash In Source  Charges for General Consumer Charges for Salary and Stipend
Agent Free 0.9%
DBBL branches / Fast Track Free 10 BDT

Cash Out

Cash Out Source  Charges for General Consumer Charges for Salary and Stipend
Agent 1.67% 0.9%
DBBL branches 0.9% 10 BDT
DBBL ATM 0.9% Free

Send Money

Send Money Type  Charges for General Consumer Charges for Salary and Stipend

General Consumer to General Consumer


Salary and Stipend to Salary and Stipend Account 

Free In USSD (*322#) and App Free In USSD (*322#) and App

General Consumer to Salary and Stipend Account


Salary and Stipend Account to General Consumer

 0.90% In USSD (*322#) and App

(Charge will be realized from receiver)

Free In USSD (*322#) and App

How to calculate Rocket Charges (All types of transactions Charge)

Step 1: Enter your transaction amount

Step 2: Select your Rocket Transaction Type

Step 3: Select your Rocket Account Type

Step 4: Scroll down and you will see your Charges with the Charges structure based on your amount and the amount that you will receive.