Upay Charge Calculator (Cash Out + All types of transactions)

Tool Updated: 29-06-2023 04:15:27 am

Are you looking for an easy way to calculate your Upay transaction Charges? Look no further! Our Upay Charge Calculator can help you calculate the exact charges and save you time and money from unexpected Charges.

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Upay Charge Calculator

উপায় (upay) is the digital financial service brand of UCB Fintech Company Limited, a subsidiary of the United Commercial Bank. Upday offers a broad range of mobile financial services to people from all walks of life including mobile transactions, utility bill payment, in-store and e-commerce payment, inward remittance, salary disbursement, airtime recharge and other value added financial services. Upday charges Charges for certain types of transactions, including cash out, send money, and Upday to bank transactions based on account types.

Using this easy-to-use Charge Calculator you can calculate your transaction Charge accurately. This tool will help you to save time and money. Also save you from unexpected Charges.

Why Upay Charge Calculator is important

The Charge Calculator is a great tool for anyone who needs to calculate their transaction Charge accurately. This easy-to-use tool can save you time, money, and unexpected Charges. With it, you can quickly find the exact Charge for your transaction without having to do any complex calculations or guesswork. This calculator is an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to know the precise cost of their transaction.

Upay Charge List 

Transaction Type Account Type with Charges
Personal/Primary Remittance Disbursement Salary
Cash Out from Agent 1.4% 1% 0.7% 1%
Indian Visa 3%
Credit Card 0.8%
Fund Transfer 1%
Send money App / USSD (*268#) = Free
Cash Out from UCB ATM 1% Free Free Free

How to calculate Upay Charges

Step 1: Enter your transaction amount

Step 2: Select your Rocket Transaction Type

Step 3: Select your Rocket Account Type

Step 4: Scroll down and you will see your Charges with the Charges structure based on your amount and the amount that you will receive.